Cheilosia uviformis

Cheilosia uviformis (Becker, 1894)


Cheilosia argentifrons Hellén, 1914.

Biology & ecology:

The larva remains undescribed. Speight (1987) concludes that this species is associated with deciduous woodland, and in most cases with areas that are seasonally flooded. Males hover 7-10m above the ground, and females have been found sitting inconspicuously on tussocks of dead grass. Adults visit spring-flowering shrubs such as sallows Salix sp. and Hawthorn Crataegus sp.


Originally found in Ireland in 1985, it has subsequently been found in Scotland, Yorkshire and Derbyshire (Stubbs, 1996; Speight, 1986; Whiteley, 1988). There are too few records as yet to allow any interpretation of its status and distribution.