Cheilosia species B

Cheilosia species B Stubbs and Falk, 1983


The identity of Cheilosia species B is uncertain, but is thought to be either C. gigantea or the recently separated and very little known C. ingerae.

Biology & ecology:

The larval food plant of the most likely contender for Cheilosia species B, C. gigantea, is Northern Dock Rumex longifolius and Scottish Dock Rumex aquaticus, both of which have highly restricted distributions in Scotland and northern England.


There is only one record of a single male found by Iain MacGowan on the banks of the River Dee near Ballater in the central Highlands of Scotland on 30/05/1981.

Status & conservation:

Recorded from 1 hectad.

Recorded from 1 hectad since 1990.