Xanthogramma stackelbergi

Xanthogramma stackelbergi Violovitsh, 1975

Biology & ecology:

In common with others in the genus it is assumed that this species is associated with ants or attended root aphids. Very little is knowm at this stage because it is a recent split from X. pedissequum.


On the basis of current limited information, this would appear to be a southern species, but until voucher specimens are re-worked its real distribition remains uncertain.

Status & conservation:

This species was added to the Britoish list by Stubbs (2012) and has yet to be well recorded. It is not terribly straightforward to separate from X. pedissequum and in many cases it will not be possible to identify specimens from photographs, which are one of the major sources of data on this genus. There are therefore insufficient data to be sure of the true status of X. stackelbergi.

Recorded from 18 hectads since 1990.