Syrphus rectus

Syrphus rectus Osten-Sacken, 1877


Specimens were found in Ireland that appear to correspond to the North American Syrphus rectus and it was added to the British list by Speight (1999). Males are indistinguishable from S. vitripennis. Females are superficially similar to S. ribesii although the distribution of microtrichia on the wing is like that of S. vitripennis. Whilst there is no reason to doubt that S. rectus is a good American species, there is considerable scepticism about its occurrence in Europe and a feeling this is merely a pale-legged colour form of S. vitripennis.

Biology & ecology:

The handful of European records give no indication of any specific habitat.


S. rectus is recorded widely in North America. In Great Britain, a single female was reared by Colin Plant from Bishops Stortford in June 1987 (Plant, 1991) and there have subsequently been a few claimed records.