Sphaerophoria taeniata

Sphaerophoria taeniata (Meigen, 1822)

Biology & ecology:

Larva unknown, but it has been reared from a puparium found on a Common Reed Phragmites australis stem. It is generally found in rich, unimproved, damp grassland, often with rushes Juncus sp, but also in open areas in damp woodland and scrub. Adults fly low amongst the vegetation and visit flowers such as buttercups Ranunculus sp. and yellow composites.


A rather scarce and local species of southern Britain, with a few records in the Welsh borders and the fens of Anglesey. Its distribution is notably disjunct with several records from northern Scotland, including a record from north of Inverness.

Status & conservation:

The frequency of occurrence suggests an increase, although it is not significant.

Recorded from 195 hectads since 1990.