Scaeva mecogramma

Scaeva mecogramma (Bigot, 1860)

Biology & ecology:

The larva is reported to feed on the Psyllid Euphyllura olivana on Olive Olea europaea trees (Rojo et al., 1999). They are covered with the waxy secretions from the Psyllids in the wild and that this is also apparent on pupae which are to be found on twigs and on the ground beneath Olive trees.


According to Speight (2010), this is a species of Quercus ilex/Q. suber forest, olive groves and citrus orchards but can be migratory with occasional specimens occurring far outside the breeding range.

Status & conservation:

A single male was taken in 'Aniston, Lothian' in August 1905. This seems an unusual place for a vagrant to turn up, so it was probably an accidental import.

Recorded from 0 hectads since 1990.