Meliscaeva cinctella

Meliscaeva cinctella (Zetterstedt, 1843)


Syrphus cinctellus Zetterstedt in Coe (1953).

Biology & ecology:

The larva feeds on aphids on a variety of tree species including Oak Quercus, Spruce Picea, Scots Pine Pinus sylvestris and Apple Malus. Normally found near deciduous and coniferous trees along woodland rides and edges, in open scrub, etc., where they visit flowers, including tree blossom in the spring and white umbels, amongst many others, in the summer.


A widespread and common species, perhaps more abundant in the south.

Status & conservation:

There has been a decline in occurrence over the past 25 years but with some indication of recovery.

Recorded from 1023 hectads since 1990.