Meligramma guttatum

Meligramma guttatum (Fallén, 1817)


Syrphus guttatus Fallén in Coe (1953), Melangyna guttata (Fallén) in Stubbs & Falk (1983).

Biology & ecology:

This is a woodland species that occurs on wooded riverbanks, wet woodland and carr and in northern Sycamore Acer pseudoplatanus woods. The larva is predaceous upon aphids and have been recorded feeding upon the aphid Drepanosiphum platanoides on Sycamore. The adults are flower visitors and have been recorded at Hogweed Heracleum sphondylium.


This is a widely distributed species across England, Scotland and Wales, but one that appears to be somewhat more frequent in northern England. Post-1990 records include East Cornwall, North and South Somerset, Carmarthenshire, Glamorganshire, Meirionnydd, Derbyshire, South Yorkshire, Westmorland, Ayrshire, North Ebudes and East Invernesshire.

Status & conservation:

The trend is downwards, but the numbers of records are small and consequently confidence in trends is poor.

Recorded from 72 hectads since 1990.