Melangyna barbifrons

Melangyna barbifrons (Fallén, 1817)


Syrphus barbifrons Fallén in Coe (1953).

Biology & ecology:

This is a woodland species, possibly occurring in both coniferous and deciduous woodland. The larvae of the genus Melangyna are aphidophagous, but those of M. barbifrons are as yet unknown. The little evidence to date suggests that M. barbifrons is associated with shrub layers and canopy trees. Adults fly very early in the season and have been noted visiting sallows Salix sp. flowers.


Apparently disjunct: widely scattered across southern England to southern Cumbria and North Yorkshire, reappearing in the Highlands of Scotland. Records since 1990 include: Derbyshire, South-west Yorkshire, North-east Yorkshire and East Inverness & Nairn.

Status & conservation:

Records very sporadic and scattered and it is not possible to detect any trend.

Recorded from 10 hectads since 1990.