Melangyna arctica

Melangyna arctica (Zetterstedt, 1838)


Syrphus arcticus Zetterstedt in Coe (1953).

Biology & ecology:

The larva is aphidophagous, appearing to have a clear preference for Pterocallis ulnii on Alder Alnus glutinosa. Adults usually fly around foliage and flowers in trees, but can also be found visiting flowers at ground level. They usually occur in or near woodland, both coniferous and deciduous.


This is mainly a northern species with most records from Scotland and northern England. There are scattered records throughout Britain except for the East Midlands and south-east England. Any records from these areas must be extremely carefully scrutinised. Many of the losses appear to be from the southern parts of its range.

Status & conservation:

There has been a substantial decline in occurrence over the past 30 years.

Recorded from 93 hectads since 1990.