Eupeodes lundbecki

Eupeodes lundbecki (Soot Ryen, 1946)

Biology & ecology:

The larva is unknown. This is a common species on the continent, where adults are found in mixed woodland, conifer plantations, gardens, etc., and visit a variety of flowers, especially white umbels, thistles Cirsium and Carduus spp. and often settle on sun-lit vegetation. According to Speight (2010) in flight it is very reminiscent of Scaeva.


Added to the British list by Watt & Robertson (1990) from specimens at Aberdeen in 1976, Fair Isle in 1982 and Tynron, Dumfries in 1984, and subsequently recorded in several years from Stiffkey, Norfolk by Ivan Perry. It is regarded as migratory in continental Europe and large scale movements apparently occur out of Scandinavia in August/September. Occurrences on the east coast are consistent with this being a migrant/vagrant from northern Europe.