Chrysotoxum festivum

Chrysotoxum festivum (Linnaeus, 1758)

Biology & ecology:

The larva and puparium of this species have been described by Speight (1976) who found a mature larva with the black ant Lasius niger under a stone in a scrubby pasture. Adults are fast-flying and visit a wide range of flowers. They are normally found in grassy places near the shelter of woodland edge, scrub or hedgerows. Males hover at 2-4m.


This is primarily a southern species, occurring most frequently south of a line between Morecambe Bay and the Humber, although there are several noteworthy records from northern Scotland. This is mainly a coastal species in Scotland. There is some evidence of a northward expansion of range since 2000.

Status & conservation:

Occurrence has generally increased since the late 1980s, especially in south-east England.

Recorded from 515 hectads since 1990.