Cheilosia latifrons

Cheilosia latifrons (Zetterstedt, 1843)


Cheilosia intonsa Loew in Stubbs & Falk (1983).

Biology & ecology:

The larva of this species remains unknown, but it is thought to be associated with Autumn Hawkbit Leontodon autumnalis. Adults are found in dry grassland, including coastal grassland and dunes, where they fly low amongst the vegetation. According to Speight (2010) they visit yellow composites, Ranunculus, and anaemophilus flowers such as plantains Plantago sp. and woodrushes Luzula sp.


This species is widely distributed throughout Britain but records are highly scattered and offer no obvious pattern apart from a general increase in density in southern England. Records from Scotland suggest that favoured habitats are well-drained sandy acid localities.

Status & conservation:

Recorded from 254 hectads since 1985.

Recorded from 219 hectads since 1990.