Cheilosia lasiopa

Cheilosia lasiopa (Kowarz, 1885)


Cheilosia honesta Rondani, 1868 in Stubbs & Falk (1983).

Biology & ecology:

The larva of this species remains unknown. Adults are often found visiting flowers such as Cow Parsley Anthriscus sylvestris in wooded localities, both deciduous and coniferous. Usually found in sheltered situations such as clearings and tracksides and often settles on sun-lit foliage.


Primarily occurs in southern England north to the Sefton coast and southern Yorkshire. Elsewhere there are very few, widely scattered records north to Inverness. There appear to be many more records from the east of its range.

Status & conservation:

There has been a significant decline in occurrence since 1990. This decline may to be an artefact of recorder effort because relatively few modern recorders report the Cheilosini and the data may be skewed as a result. Recorded from 285 hectads since 1985.

Recorded from 251 hectads since 1990.