Platycheirus nielseni

Platycheirus nielseni Vockeroth, 1990


Platycheirus species A in Stubbs & Falk (1983). ); this species was split from P. peltatus by Vockeroth (1990).

Biology & ecology:

Larva unknown. Adults can be frequent in damp places such as wet, rushy meadows and along stream sides in upland areas, usually where there is some shelter from scrub or trees. Males can be found hovering in groups in clearings and over streams, in dappled sunshine.


This species appears to be widespread in the north and west, including Scotland, North Wales and northern England, with some records from fairly high altitude on moorland. In the south of England there are widespread records from Dorset and Somerset and one confirmed record from the Thames marshes.

Status & conservation:

Females are difficult to separate from P. peltatus and consequently some of the records based on females may be erroneous.

Recorded from 231 hectads since 1990.