Platycheirus europaeus

Platycheirus europaeus Goeldlin, Maibach & Speight, 1990

Biology & ecology:

The larva is predaceous upon aphids, possibly those associated with sedges Carex sp. However, larvae have not been found in the wild. The adults occur within rank low vegetation and may be found visiting the flower heads of plantains and grasses in keeping with other related species. There are no clear indications of the preferred habitats. Records come from upland conifer plantations, woodland rides on clay and coniferised calcareous heathland in East Anglia. Damper habitats with sedges may be the common feature.


Widely distributed across Scotland, northern England, Wales and the East Midlands.

Status & conservation:

The frequency of occurrence plot is for 'Platycheirus clypeatus sensu lat.', i.e. including P. occultus, P. europaeus and P. ramsarensis. The trend for this complex shows a small but significant decline, although the number of records of this species has increased rapidly since it was recognised in 1991.

Recorded from 111 hectads since 1990.