Platycheirus discimanus

Platycheirus discimanus (Loew, 1871)

Biology & ecology:

Larva unknown. Usually found around spring blossom, especially Blackthorn Prunus spinosa and sallows Salix sp., in sheltered situations such as woodland edges (both deciduous and coniferous) and hedgerows. Adults can be found visiting the flowers, or resting in the immediate vicinity of flowering bushes where they sun themselves on dead grass tussocks, etc.


This species may well be overlooked because of its early flight period and its resemblance to the very common P. albimanus, which occurs in similar situations. Records are scarce, but widely scattered. Although they tend to be concentrated towards the lowlands of southern England, there are records from upland localities in northern England and Scotland.

Status & conservation:

The frequency of occurrence is very variable with no obvious long term trend. Any recent increase almost certainly reflects a change in recorder effort

Recorded from 45 hectads since 1990.