Platycheirus amplus

Platycheirus amplus Curran, 1927

Biology & ecology:

The genus Platycheirus comprises a range of aphid-feeding predators, many of which are associated with aphids on sedges Carex sp. The precise ecology of P. amplus is unknown. Adults have been found in wet situations including poor fen, wet meadows and moorland flushes. Most records are dated June or July.


Upland areas of Scotland and northern England. The few records show a strong preference for altitudes around 200 - 300m. The two English records appear to be in upland situations and are based on males.

Status & conservation:

This was originally described as a North American species and was first detected in Europe in 1988 (Speight & Vockeroth, 1988). It has subsequently been found a few times in Scotland and northern England, but remains a little known rarity.

Recorded from 9 hectads since 1990.