Platycheirus albimanus

Platycheirus albimanus (Fabricius, 1781)


P. cyaneus (Walker, 1851) is a synonym.

Biology & ecology:

The larva is aphidophagous and has been found on a wide variety of aphids on low growing plants and bushes. Adults are found in all sorts of sheltered situations such as woodland margins, hedgerows and gardens. It is multi-brooded and has a very long flight season, but is particularly noticeable early in the season when it is one of the commonest of the early spring hoverflies. In recent years, it has been found during spells of sunny weather as early as mid February.


Widespread and abundant throughout Britain, without any strong altitudinal preferences.

Status & conservation:

One of the commonest small hoverflies throughout Britain, and the trend analysis suggests no change.

Recorded from 2180 hectads since 1990.