Xylota xanthocnema

Xylota xanthocnema Collin, 1939

Biology & ecology:

The larva has been found in rot-holes of Yew Taxus baccatus. It usually occurs in or near ancient deciduous woodland, although, according to Speight (2010) it favours sites with well-drained soils. Adults are found running rapidly over foliage or basking on sun-lit trunks in clearings. There appear to be no records of this species visiting flowers.


Rare and largely confined to the southern half of Britain, but also found in old woodland on limestone in Yorkshire (Stubbs, 1996). It was found to be locally abundant in some woods near Coventry by staff of the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum in the early 1980s.

Status & conservation:

The frequency of occurrence shows a decline over the past 20 years.

Recorded from 75 hectads since 1990.