Chalcosyrphus eunotus

Chalcosyrphus eunotus (Loew, 1873)


Brachypalpus eunotus Loew, 1873 in Coe (1953) and Kloet & Hincks (1976).

Biology & ecology:

This is a woodland species that is most frequently encountered in deep-sided dingle woodlands from Gloucestershire to Shropshire where it is associated with fallen timber in log-jams in streams. The larvae develop under the bark of partially submerged timber.


This species is mainly confined to the West Midlands/Welsh borders region and to a small number of localities in Dorset, Somerset and Staffordshire. In the past ten years there have been numerous records from the Welsh Marches.

Status & conservation:

The recent increase in frequency and range probably reflects higher levels of recording effort and a better understanding of where this species should be sought.

Recorded from 33 hectads since 1990.