Pipizella virens

Pipizella virens (Fabricius, 1805)

Biology & ecology:

On the continent, the larva is reported to be associated with aphids on the roots of white umbels. Found in taller and lusher vegetation than P. viduata, in situations like woodland and scrub edges, the fringes of wetlands, and cliff top and other coastal grassland. Adults stay close to the ground and will bask on sun-lit leaves, but are sometimes found visiting taller flowers including white umbels.


Much scarcer than P. viduata, this species is largely restricted to the lowlands of south-east England, although there are a few records from northern England, south-west England and Wales. Separation from P. viduata requires care and is best done by examination of the male terminalia which are figured by van der Goot (1981). Old records from more northerly locations must be questionable.

Status & conservation:

No obvious trend.

Recorded from 222 hectads since 1990.