Eumerus sogdianus

Eumerus sogdianus (Stackelberg, 1952)

Biology & ecology:

The larva are associated with potatoes and Allium bulbs but there are also rearing records from the roots of wild carot. Adults appear to be most frequent on grasslands on free-draining soils, but a close association with the edges of reedbeds has also been reported. Adults are reported to visit the flowers of umbellifera and have also been seen at Sedum acre.


So far confined to a single record from the Isle of Wight. This species is highly likely to be introduced in association with agriculture or perhaps food importation, and might logically be watched for in areas where such crops are grown.

Status & conservation:

A recent addition to the British list (Wright ,2013a) that was predicted by Speight (1988).

Recorded from 4 hectads since 1990.