Eristalis nemorum

Eristalis nemorum (Linnaeus, 1758)


Eristalis interruptus (Poda, 1761) in Ball & Morris (2000).

Biology & ecology:

The larva is of the ?long-tailed?, aquatic type and is found in shallow water and semi-aquatic situations at the margins of streams and pools, often where there is enrichment and also in cow-dung. Adults are usually seen visiting flowers, especially white umbels, often in the vicinity of trees or scrub. Males make themselves conspicuous because of their fast and noisy flight. This species has a very characteristic courtship in which the male hovers above a female which is visiting a flower (see photograph in Stubbs & Falk, 1983).


This is an extremely widely distributed and often abundant species. There are indications that it is less abundant in upland situations but this may be an artefact of recorder effort.

Status & conservation:

No obvious trend.

Recorded from 1534 hectads since 1990.